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Tooth Discoloration Types

Did you know that the real natural color of a healthy tooth is not bright white? In fact, the color of your teeth is determined by the shade of the enamel and the dentine.The dentine shade is yellow, while the tooth enamel tends to be a bluish translucent, making the tooth color look light yellow or light gray. But in some ... More

Mouth Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells (cancerous or malignant) divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissues. This illness is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide and affects people of any age. Mouth Cancer The mouth is one of the tissues of the body that can also be affected by the uncontrollably develop ... More

How Eating Disorders Affect Oral Health

 Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder are some of the most common forms of eating disorders that exist. These illnesses can affect both men and women.Irregular eating habits, the obsession with food, body weight, and body shape are the first signs that indicate that there's an eating ... More

Bad Breath Solutions

Bad Breath, medically called as Halitosis, is an oral health issue that occurs when a foul-smelling odor comes from the mouth.The breakdown of food, a poor dental hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle habits and general health problems are some of the causes that produce bad breath.  If you want to know more about bad breath ... More

Medical Conditions And Oral Care: Tips

Some medical conditions can make it harder to maintain a good oral health. To learn more about this you can read our previous articles: This Medical Conditions Can Affect Oral Health, This Medical Conditions Can Affect Oral Health (Part 2).But don't worry, it is possible to have a good oral health despite any medical ... More

Oral Care Tips For Teenagers

In early ages, kids are not conscious of how important it is to maintain a good care to keep a proper oral health, in consequence, they can start developing some oral issues as they grow up. Is important to teach kids about oral care and its importance, but it is also primordial to intensify that knowledge during the adolesce... More

This Medical Conditions Can Affect Oral Health (Part 2)

In the first of these articles (This Medical Conditions Can Affect Oral Health) related to medical conditions and its repercussions to oral health, we mentioned some medical conditions that make people more likely to develop some oral complication and as well the medications and treatments to fight this conditions, which have ... More

This Medical Conditions Can Affect Oral Health

Keeping a good hygiene it’s the most important factor to maintain a good oral health, but for the people that have a medical condition developing oral health problems is easier even when they keep good hygiene habits. This medical conditions can affect oral health:-Eating disorders: serious eating disorders as bulimia and ... More

The Importance of Fluoride

Have you ever heard about fluoride before? You may know this is one of the components that some toothpaste incorporate, but the importance of fluoride to your dental health goes beyond that what you may think. What Fluoride is?The fluoride is a natural mineral found in all water sources and throughout the ... More

Tooth Sensitivity

Do you get an uncomfortable sensation or feel pain when drinking or eating cold, hot, sweet or acid beverages and food? Even brushing and flossing your teeth produce you a little but intense pain? If the answer is yes, then you may have tooth sensitivity, a very common condition that affects a large amount of the population and ... More