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钟杨目前是中国国家教育部长江学者特聘教授,pp电子游戏平台致远访问讲席教授,博士生导师,pp电子游戏平台民意与舆情调查中心主任,田纳西大学政治学终身教授,担任《实证社会科学》学术期刊主编。钟杨教授曾任pp电子游戏平台院长、美国田纳西大学国际交流处处长、政治学系副主任、田纳西大学亚洲研究中心主任。钟杨教授的学术机构兼职包括:中国政治学会理事;上海市政治学会副会长;中国管理现代化研究会公共管理专业委员会常务理事;担任Journal of Contemporary China、Journalof Chinese Political Science、Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies等国际期刊的编委;同时担任国内重要学术期刊《政治学研究》和《公共管理学报》编委;担任国际著名出版社Palgrave MacMillan Press 的New Perspectives on Chinese Politics and Society系列丛书主编。

钟杨教授的研究领域主要是比较政治学理论、政治文化、政治参与、公共管理、城市政府绩效评估、民意调查、台海关系等。钟杨教授发表过三部英文专著(Local Government and Politics in China: Challenges from Below、Political Culture and Participation in Rural China、Political Culture and Participation in Urban China和四本合编学术著作,以及五十余篇学术文章,其中30余篇发表在SSCI索引期刊。他的文章曾发表在国际和国内一流政治学学术期刊上,其中包括《Comparative Political Studies》,《Journal of Politics》,《Political Research Quarterly》,《Asian Survey》,《Journal of Contemporary China》和《政治学研究》等。钟杨教授主持过若干全国范围的民意调查项目,其中包括《中国城市居民环保态度与行为调查》、《中国城市居民价值观调查》和《中国城市居民公共服务满意度调查》。

Yang Zhong is a DistinguishedVisitingChangjiang Chair ProfessoratSchool of International and Public AffairsandDirector of Public Opinion Research Center, both atShanghai JiaoTongUniversity.He is also a tenured professor at Department of Political Science, the University of Tennessee, U.S.A.His main research and teaching interests include Chinese political culture and participation and Chinese local government. He has published over50 scholarly articles and book chapters, authored two books and co-edited several books. His articles have appeared in journal such asComparative Political Studies,Journal of Politics,Political Research Quarterly,Asian Survey,Communist and Post-CommunistStudies,Journal of Contemporary China, andPS:Political Science and Politics.He has authoredthreebooks and edited several books. His latest book isPolitical Culture and Participation inUrbanChina(Palgrave MacMillan Press).ProfessorZhong has servedtwiceas President of Association of Chinese Political Studies (USA). He is the editor of Palgrave McMillan’s book seriesNew Perspectives on Chinese Politics and Societyand serves on a number of editorial boardsof academic journals such asThe Journal of Contemporary China,Journal of Chinese Political Scienceand Modern China.

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