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【Journal of Contemporary China】刊载我院青年教师陈慧荣论文
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近期,美国学术期刊《当代中国》(Journal of Contemporary China)刊载我院青年教师陈慧荣的论文。

题名: State Power and Village Cadres in Contemporary China: the case of rural land transfer in Shandong province  

作者/编者: Chen, Huirong  

出版者: Routledge  

丛书名/收录于: Journal of Contemporary China, 18 March 2015, p.1-20  

简介: In the case of land transfer in rural China, why do some village cadres act as entrepreneurs, some become middlemen between agribusinesses and peasants, and others choose to be passive bystanders? Based on comparative case studies in Shandong province, it is argued that state power, rather than village elections, informal solidary groups and economic benefits, is the dominant explanatory mechanism. This article suggests that our discussion of the statevillage cadre relationship should not be limited to the control perspective. To achieve policy objectives, village cadres' ability and creativity are as important as motivation to local government. Substantial support makes village cadres more capable, and some degree of leeway is necessary for creativity. Local government relies on three forms of leverage (control, support and non-intervention) to address three issues (motivation, ability and creativity) in shaping behavioral patterns of village cadres. Article ahead-of-print.


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