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Medical Conditions And Oral Care: Tips

Some medical conditions can make it harder to maintain a good oral health. To learn more about this you can read our previous articles: This Medical Conditions Can Affect Oral Health, This Medical Conditions Can Affect Oral Health (Part 2).But don't worry, it is possible to have a good oral health despite any medical ... More

Tooth Sensitivity

Do you get an uncomfortable sensation or feel pain when drinking or eating cold, hot, sweet or acid beverages and food? Even brushing and flossing your teeth produce you a little but intense pain? If the answer is yes, then you may have tooth sensitivity, a very common condition that affects a large amount of the population and ... More


 Bruxism is a condition in which people, unconsciously; tend to clench, grind or gnash their teeth together during the day or at night while they sleep. This is very damaging to the teeth since it makes them wear out from the tight front to back movement of the upper and lower zones.Symptoms As it was already ... More